Sunday, February 7, 2016

Superbowl 50, Rumors in the NBA


Today starting at 6:30 PM EST we get to see how these two teams face off against each other. As said in previous posts, this Superbowl include two strong teams. The Panthers having the better offense with Cam Newton as their QB, and the Broncos with the better defense. I personally see Superbowl 50 starting with a lead by the Broncos in the first quarter and about 4 minutes into the 2nd quarter the Panthers coming back and being ahead by a field-goal. Then after half-time the Broncos will tie but the Panthers will keep the lead. Shortly after, into the 4th quarter the Panthers will keep the lead and win Superbowl 50 37-28 against the Denver Broncos.


Shocking news arises in the NBA this week. Kevin Durant Power Forward for the Oklahoma City Thunders is hitting free agency meaning after this season he can choose which team to sign with when given a contract offer. Now the big news here is the possibility of the 7 time NBA All-Star going to the Golden State Warriors and playing along side the 3 time NBA All-Star Point Guard Stephen Curry. This could be big for the team. With GSW having a phenomenal season starting undefeated and having one of the best NBA seasons in a while. GSW easily seen returning to the finals to possibly take the gold again. But with Durant in the mix the undefeated season that GSW was seen to have could become a quick reality. Having Durant brings nothing but pros to the Warriors. Like bringing Ray Allen to the Miami Heat, it wasn't necessary but it was appreciated. With this possibility there isn't a lot that could stop the Golden State Warriors, it really might be the unbreakable team.

*Which team do you see Kevin Durant going to, if he leaves OKC?*

*How do you think Superbowl 50 will play out?*

*Answer in the comments below*

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