Sunday, February 21, 2016

MLB Spring Training, NBA Trade Deadline


   It's late February and Spring is at our doorstep. What does it mean? The NBA is at its half-way point and its the beginning of the MLB season. "What is Spring Training?" spring training is the where the MLB splits its teams in to two leagues, the Citrus league (which is held here in central Florida) and the Cactus league (held in Arizona). Its a preview really it lets us fans see what to expect from the teams in the upcoming season which starts in early April. Exhibition games are played between the teams in their respective leagues. The games don't count but if your team does well in Spring Training then you can expect a pretty exciting regular season.


As of the end of last week the NBA trade deadline was reached. Meaning that 2nd half of the NBA season has started. This is a tradition carried out in most American sports. When the season hits the half-way point, trading between teams begin. Teams can trade players while still in contract, the player can be traded for what the other team deems as a fair trade for the player, it can be one or two or even 3 players. Sometimes it can be a player and a sum of money or for draft picks in the next player draft. But the team that receives players has to take their standing contract as well, paying it of till the team can make an offer and at that point its off-season and the player will be in what is called "Arbitration" where the player and his agent sit with representatives of the current team they play for and discuss contract terms EX. length of contract, prices, opt-out clauses, trade clauses, etc...   

*A link to the trades that happened before the trade deadline.

*Which team do you feel got the most out of the NBA trade?*

*Which team do you fell got the least*?

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