Sunday, January 31, 2016

Road to Superbowl 50, Trouble in the NBA


The NFL is busy this week with last week being the qualifying games for Superbowl 50. We now have the two teams that are set to go head-to-head in San Francisco on February 8th the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers, Both teams skilled with impressive seasons its a match-up that will be interesting. Carolina with the better offense and Denver with the better Defense it'll be exciting how these two teams will face off in the 50th anniversary of the Superbowl. But that doesn't mean we're going two weeks without football, the Pro-Bowl is today Sunday January 31st at 7:00 PM. Similar to any All-Star game for any sport two teams coached by the best coaches in the sport or celebrity coaches are picked usually representing their distinct league or a region, typically East vs. West. Each team is comprised of the best player for each positions within their respective leagues, chosen by the fans of the sport. This year's Pro-Bowl is being held in Hawaii. Coached by Micheal Irvin and Jerry Rice. 

(Their respective rosters voted by the fans are found here)


In NBA news, the Cavaliers fired their head-coach David Blatt last Saturday and brought in Tyronn Lue. His first game as head-coach wasn't a win but he did come back and gave the Cavaliers a win against the Minnesota Timberwolves. 

To the West the LA Clippers got news that their point forward was injured last week after an altercation with Matias Testi (The equipment manager for the LA Clippers) Blake punched Matias causing Blake to fracture his hand and not allowing him to play in the Clippers game against the Bulls, which they won 120 to 93.   

Do you see the Cavaliers moving far with their new coach?

Who do you see winning Superbowl 50?

*Answer below in the comments*

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